Reserve Objectives

The conservation of the natural ecological systems of the Vogelgat Nature Reserve and neighbouring land for the enlightenment and enjoyment of coming generations, in perpetuity.

By the year 2010, the natural environment and biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK) are effectively conserved along the Klein River Mountain chain as the Klein River Mountain Biosphere Reserve, with Vogelgat being a core member.

1. Maintain ecological systems and processes
Maintain regular monitoring programmes in order to audit sound management principles.

To maintain the healthy state of the Vogelgat River.

To limit visitor numbers to 350 permit holders in order to control human impact on the environment.

To clear and maintain paths in such a manner that this maintenance does not impact negatively on the environment.

2. Conserve genetic diversity
Eradicate invasive alien plant species.

Prevent unnatural extinction’s of any indigenous species.

3. Educate and motivate local communities and resource users to promote and conserve the CFK.
Commit resources to act as an educational facility for the benefit of:
· Students doing their in-service-training;
· School groups from the surrounding community;
· Students doing scientific research.

4. To ensure that all the neighbours are aligned and mobilised towards a common vision, policy and purpose for the conservation of the CFK.